About Me

I am blessed with the opportunity to dedicate myself to photographing beauty in all its forms and doing what I love everyday. I graduated from New England School Photography and I specialize in Portraits, Boudoir, Food/Restaurant and Architecture/Real Estate photography.

For many years, I have incorporated photography into my daily life. For me, photography is not only a memory of the past but also a stimulation of all senses, which inspires me in all areas of creativitiy. My taste for photography is very broad. I love how a portrait captures the magical moments in life, the sweeping angles and curves of a building, when poetry speaks through an art picture, how a story unfolds by an editorial piece and a desire or craving created by advertisement. I enjoy seeing the scenes through the lens and rediscovering the details that were not framed by human eyes. Because of my love of photography, I have found myself discovering life.

Michelle Jung

June 2014